Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whew... What a Week!

And it's only Wednesday... Morning!!!  LOL 

We had a very busy weekend starting with Friday.  Austin had his preschool "graduation" if you want to call it that, on Friday.  That was his last day of preschool really.  They were supposed to go Monday thru today but I was counting down the days til he was out of preschool so I pulled him a couple days early.  No big deal really.  He ended his year with a "Fun Day at the Park".  So it is bittersweet... he is getting ready for Kindergarten. He'll be starting the Kindergarten summer school program May 28th.  I cannot believe I have a kindergarten child. 

Saturday we had our niece's graduation party.  My brother in law had a dinner at the Pasta House for them.  I had made these adorable graduation caps out of chocolate and Nathan knew better than me and let them melt to nothing in the car.  I bawled... not going to lie... I did.  We're talking hours of work making them AND the base they were on.  I was so proud of them too.  Thankfully I took a picture of them to keep in my "creative" scrapbook.  Pictures just don't do justice though. They were so cute. 
Candy Grad Caps
Sunday we were supposed to go to church.  Austin was to have an Awana Celebration that morning but we didn't make it because the poor dude was running a 102.8 temp and coughing.  Ugh... here we go again.  He was sick from Saturday evening thru yesterday!  I had to take him to urgent care on Monday night because his fever was almost 104, he was shaking, not eating or drinking.  It was scary!!  Turns out it was just a virus but still stinks.  He still has a cough and is on Robitussin for it. 

Now we are trying to get back on schedule.  So much in one weekend that a lot got pushed aside.  Now I have mentioned we are trying to keep frugal because of Nathan's new job right?  So today I went back to making my own detergent.  In my opinion, nothing compares to Gain.  I LOVE Gain laundry detergent but at nearly $15 a pop, I need to rethink our laundry options. 

Homemade "Ivory Snow" Laundry Detergent
It's nothing I came up with.  Nothing new either.  Everyone has seen this recipe I think, but here is what I do:
2 bars Ivory bar soap
4 cups Arm and Hammer Washing Soda (NOT baking soda)
4 cups Borax
I microwave the Ivory for about 90 seconds.  I know it's crazy, but I have grated it with my food processor grater many times but came across another blog that recommended microwaving it.  Now microwaving it is a fun science activity.  I did it with the preschool class I had a few months back.  I might actually do it with my kids here too.  It is even fun to squish and play with to break down once cooled. 
I just microwave for 90 seconds and then put the soap into my food processor and pulse a couple times.  I add the 4 cups of washing soda and process until a fine powder and well combined.  I place it in a bowl and the pulse the borax too just to make sure there are no clumps.  I then combine all and mix well.  I keep in an air tight canister (Tupperware) with a 2 Tablespoon Medicine cup from something like Nyquil.  Most say to do 1 Tablespoon for regular loads and 2 Tablespoons for heavy loads.  I just do 2 Tablespoons for it all.  So I get about 80 loads out of this.  Not bad because it is so cheap to make but I do miss my Gain already!!  :( 
Well that is about all today.  I do want to add a final note to pray for Oklahoma.  I cannot imagine the pain and loss they are dealing with it. 

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