Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm SOOO Behind.....

So apparently I'm not very good at this Blogging thing... as much as I try, I am not good at it at all!! LOL I was supposed to be posting all I'm thankful for for the whole month of November but here it is November 29th and I have only listed 2 days of thankfulness. So here it goes... my whole month in one post:

1. I'm thankful for my Salvation. I have been given the greatest gift of all by receiving Christ as my savior!
2. I'm thankful for beautiful days... as posted on November 2nd.
3. I'm HUGELY Thankful for my husband. We met in November 1998 at 15 years old and have been married almost 8 years!
4. I'm thankful for Austin. He's my monster truck loving boy!! He's changed my life on August 11, 2007 and I can't imagine a day with out him.
5. I'm thankful for my Little Mollie McDoodle. She celebrated her 2nd Birthday ON Thanksgiving this year and I've been blessed tremendously with her. She's the girly girl I always wanted. I feel my family is complete with her.
6. Thankful for our pets.... Tinkerbell, 7, Dustie, 5, and our new and only Puppy, Hunter who is 9 weeks old.
7. I'm thankful for our Country. It may be taking wrong turns and I don't agree with majority our government does, I am still blessed and thankful to call myself an American!! God Bless America!!
8. Thankful for all the men and women serving for our country. With out them from the very beginning we wouldn't be the FREE country we are. Thank you!
9. I'm thankful for a wonderful Church to call my home church. I've been blessed with a great Pastor working for God!!
10. I'm thankful for my parents who raised me in a Christian home and have been there for me through it all.
11. Thankful for my sister! She's a pain but I love her!! Hahaha!! :)
12. Believe it or not, I'm thankful for my in laws. With out them I wouldn't have Nathan here in my life. We may not always see eye to eye but they are still my family and I'm not going anywhere! :)
13. Thankful for my husband having a job and allowing me to be a stay at home momma. Do we have a lot of money... HARDLY!! We struggle but we have a roof and food and a vehicle!
14. Thankful for our little rental trailer. LOL It's a roof and I can't complain too much!!
15. Thankful for good friends. I have some really good ones. Some old friends from school and some new ones but they make some days so much easier!! :)
16. Thankful for DISNEY. Yeah, crazy but I love Disney movies and some days I don't know what I'd do with out them! ;)
17. Along the same lines... I am thankful for NETFLIX!!! Hahaha!! Yeah, raising their prices made me made because it's as if we don't struggle enough but oh well... we kept it because it too helps our sanity some days and it has made good date night movies for the hubby and I.
18. Thankful for Facebook.... why you ask? Well as a stay at home mom it seems to be more my outlet to the outside world! LOL
19. I am thankful for electricity in which it provides our heat in these cold winter months. The bill could go away but I still thank God for electricity!!
20. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with 2 of the most amazing Grandparents ever. Maw Maw died in January 2008 and Paw Paw died in January 2011 and they are terribly missed. But they have both left such and impression on my hearts that will never go away and I'm thankful I got to grow up so close to them!
21. Thankful for God's word. The Bible is something American's don't really treasure but recently it was brought to my attention that so many countries do TREASURE their Bibles because they are so special. And so many are prosecuted for having them. So sad but reminds me of how good things really are here.
22. Thankful for a little peace and quiet when I get it.
23. Thankful for the ability and knowledge and even a little skill to cook. I love to cook and my husband doesn't think it's too bad ;)
24. Thankful for creativity. It makes each day a little more interesting.
25. I am thankful to have a position in our church as a Full Time nursery worker. It is hard some days because I miss a lot of Sunday morning and Sunday evening services being in the nursery but maybe me being in there is getting the gospel to a visitor who wouldn't have gotten it with their child crying beside them.
26. I am thankful for Christian women who post great blogs. I can get such wonderful daily encouragement from so many of these women! They are sent by God for sure!
27. Thankful to be blessed with 2 running vehicles. One may be on it's last run but as long as it gets Nathan to and from work I'm thankful!! :)
28. Thankful for PEPSI!!! Yeah... I had to throw that in. My little addiction!! ;)
29. Thankful for Doctors!! We have had a rough year of seizures (Mollie) and surgeries... all of us unfortunately. And God has provided us with some amazing Doctors and St. Louis Children's Hospital and BJC has been more of a blessing than one may know.
30. Last but not least.... I'm thankful to be alive and have a family in general. God has shown himself so much in the last year and I've sadly looked past so many times. I know he is a forgiving God and I just pray he forgives me for everything I've said or done.

There it is. I'm certain I've missed a thing or two, but I posted as much as I could. The 30 days of November!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today I'm Thankful for.....

The beautiful weather was one thing to be thankful for today. So that's what I'm saying for today... beautiful weather because I'm not sure I'll be able to use that one again!! LOL We had beautiful 72 degree weather and a nice breeze blowing through out the house... LOVED IT! Tomorrow will be a chilly and rainy 52 degrees. BLAH!!! But it all comes with the seasons, God had it planned that way for some reason. Another one of those mysteries I suppose...

So today was not only a beautiful one, but it was a PRODUCTIVE one!! YAY!!!! I love days like that. The phone rang at 7 am (being Fed Ex who has given me quite the headache since Friday, but I will say it is all resolved now and our delivery driver was the sweetest lady!!) So the phone rang and when I got up to answer, I decided to make a pot of coffee, which resulted in a shower before the cup of coffee. Then I decided to start a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher. I started making my spaghetti sauce for our dinner tonight and by 9 am I had a lot done and the kids were just waking up!! Glorious morning I do say!!! Then the sad part.... I had to take my Tinkerbell to the doctor for a 2nd round of bloodwork since her vein blew on Friday. This didn't work AGAIN. So we're hoping that the doctor says we're good and don't need it. We got the iron test which came back normal PRAISE GOD! So I think that's all we need but it's up to the doctor.

Dinner has been done... a few more loads of laundry... baths are done.... now getting ready for church tonight!!!

Have a wonderful and glorious evening all!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WhaCha Eatin?


WhaCha Eatin' Tonight?

Tonight I got creative and made Pull Apart Pizza Bites. I got the idea in Monkey Bread form from a post I saw on Pinterest.... My latest Addiction by the way!! I made my own pizza crust and put it together into a pie plate since it was just feeding me and my kids tonight.

So here we go...

2 cups Flour
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup warm water (about 115 degrees)
1 pkg rapid rise yeast
2 Tbs oil

24 pepperoni slices
4oz mozzarella, cut into 24 cubes
grated Parmesan
dry herb of choice
warmed pizza sauce

Place flour, garlic powder and salt in a food processor. Mix yeast with the warm water and add the oil. Turn on the processor and gradually add "yeast water" to the flour. Process until it forms a ball and pulls away from the sides of the work bowl. Place dough in a greased bowl covered with cling wrap and let rise... I usually only do this about 30-40 minutes and it works great.

Once risen, divide dough into 24 sections. Flatten each section enough to add a pepperoni and a cube of cheese. Wrap dough around pepperoni and cheese to cover completely and lay seam side down in a greased pie plate. Repeat with remaining dough. Top with a little brush of oil, grated Parmesan cheese and a little herb ( I used oregano). Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until the bread is golden brown. Serve with warmed pizza sauce... ashamed to say mine was store bought! And make a full meal with a good salad too!

Tonight it was just for me and the kids so we just did some applesauce with ours, but the kids LOVED it!!!! Mollie with eat just about ANYTHING but Austin is pickier. He seems to love pizza but I wasn't sure if this would throw him off. It didn't!! He ate 2 good sized "bites".

So I hope this has inspired you to give it a try!!! It was YUM!!!

November... and Being Thankful

Today I saw a friends Facebook Status that had me thinking. She is posting one thing she's thankful for everyday of November. A brilliant idea!! Well I started this blog because I thought it would be fun to have a blog... why does anyone REALLY start one? My only problem is, I cannot find things to write about it seems. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard into it like I have to be GREAT at a blog. I'm just doing it for fun for now but maybe, Lord willing, it can turn into a "GREAT" blog later on. Hey... I love my cute picture on here so who knows!! :)

So here is goes....

November 1st: I'm thankful for my salvation... For Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save me from MY sins. I don't deserve it, but it was a gift I had to receive.

Now I started to put my husband. He was the first on my mind but should he be? Then it hit me that, NO, Christ is first. He should be the first thing to be thankful for and the beautiful eternal gift that I get because of him.

So I challenge you as well as myself to post something we're thankful for each and everyday this month!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

HI!!!! I am a stay at home mom just itching to tell you all about me and my family!! I won't say my blog is any different or better than anyone else's but I do hope to bring some insight, hope, laughter and creativity to you at some point. I just thought a blog could be fun ;)

I am a stay at home mom of 2. I have my "boots" in this blog, Austin. A four year old, excited, energetic little man. He lives and breathes Monster Trucks (specifically Monster Jam) and loves movies. He is also a huge music fan... JASON ALDEAN (which happens to be Mommy's favorite) and Toby Kieth... he loves them both. Then we have the "tutu" to the blog, Mollie. Mollie will be 2 next month and is a handful. She is a high maintenced toddler who thinks she's going on 12! She loves dress up, princesses, dancing, PINK, and definately "pink-a-wish-us" aka "Pinkalicious". Has to be her favorite book. She is in love with Tinkerbell! And she loves music too! She knows Jason Aldean's music before the vocals even start! But her favorite CD in my car happens to be "Jesus Songs" which is our CD from our VBS this year.

And of course, the reason I have those two... my husband, Nathan. We've been married 7 and a half years and together for almost 12 and a half. He's my best friend and I thank God for bring us together.

I hope you enjoy my blog!! I am a mom with a lot to share!! :)