Thursday, May 16, 2013

Frugal Fail

Yes, I am ashamed.  Ashamed and quite angry with myself as well. 

What is this??

Yes, those are leftovers gone bad.  Leftovers I am throwing away.  How about that for being frugal right?  There is enough pork roast for 2-3 of us, enough chicken for 1-2 of us, rice, green beans, taco meat for at least 4 tacos, maybe more and a small amount of mashed potatoes.  Sickening right?  So ashamed.  I told Nathan I want to be sure to use up our leftovers to save money, but then when it comes to the words "leftovers for dinner" then we both find other options.  Pull something from the freezer or the big one since he's been home more is he runs to the grocery store to pick up chicken legs to grill.  It is a cheaper meat option right? Helps with being frugal right? 
WRONG!!!  We bought chicken legs twice this week to grill.  Which we also bought pasta salad mixes, which we LOVE, to go with them.  Eating the leftovers would have then saved us about $12-$15 this week alone.  Throwing away the cash... NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!
Now onto a happier topic.... still food but this is FUN, I'm a goof ball Mommy Food!!!
So while cleaning out my fridge, I started going through the pantry too.  With Schnucks having triple coupons this week, I am making my grocery list and restocking on a lot of things we use.  So I found a nearly empty box of pancake mix.  It wasn't enough for the family to eat it but I got goofy and creative with it.  Austin's last day of preschool is tomorrow so I made Pancake dippers for his breakfast.  I'll just put them in the fridge and heat them up for a quick but hot breakfast for him (and Mollie too of course).  I started making small circles they can pick up and dip in syrup.  Then I thought, "Hey I wonder if I can use my cookie cutters for shapes."  UMMMM, NO.  FAIL!!  LOL.  While they looked like they would work, they cooked into the inside of them and rip apart trying to remove.  I also tried to pour the batter then pull the cookie cutter up in hopes the sides cooked enough to hold shape.  Another NO!!  So I gave up on that.  I did attempt to make their initials too.  Mollie's M fell apart the first time and I had to redo.  They didn't turn out perfect but I am sure they'll think it is fun anyway.  That's what it is all about anyway right? 
Pancake Dippers
Ok.  So while I had a major frugal fail, I had a little comeback by using what I had on hand to make something fun for my kiddos.  Now just to work on and stick with using our leftovers so we are not throwing anymore money away!!!  Have a great day folks!!

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